This is a natural toothbrush.

The Miswak comes from the Salvadora Persica tree and is an effective, age-old method of dental hygiene. 


What is THIS?

THIS is a line of products that reintroduces the Miswak, an all-natural toothbrush that has been used for centuries in the Middle East. Our first product is the Cutter Case, which allows you to cut, peel, and carry your Miswak around easily.

THIS began as a student project and has since gained international recognition. After crowd funding $18,000 last August, THIS Cutter Case is currently in production. 

What is a Miswak?

The Miswak, also known as the Siwak, is a natural, organic root of the Salvadora Persica tree that has been used for centuries as a method of oral hygiene. Recent studies have proven that regular use of Miswak can significantly reduce plaque and strengthen enamel, as well as help reduce tooth decay. 

The Miswak is portable, does not require toothpaste or water, and can access hard-to-reach parts of the mouth for a thorough cleaning experience.